Russ Tilleman for City Council 2018

Complaint of Berkeley Election Reform Act (BERA) violations by Rashi Kesarwani, Ben Gould, Greg Magofna, Lori Droste, the Berkeley Democratic Club, and the Berkeley Police Association


We don’t have to accept unresponsive government in Berkeley, we can create the kind of future we want.

I’m not a machine politician and I’m not taking campaign money from special interest groups.

I got my engineering degree from Cal and used it to make the world a better place.

For ten years I’ve fought for our district, our city and our global environment, improving pedestrian and bicycle safety and exposing greenwashing, conflicts of interest and environmental fraud.

If elected to the City Council, I will work to

- house Berkeley's homeless,

- assure full health coverage for every Berkeley resident,

- add new stories to existing houses as I did to my home at

2670 Parker Street to address Berkeley's affordability crisis,

- provide Neighborhood Electric Vehicles at BART stations

for cost-effective, convenient and renewable door-to-door public transit,

- prevent People's Park crime from moving to Willard Park, and

- improve Berkeley’s police department,

while ensuring basic city services like street and sidewalk maintenance are done without raising taxes or fees.

If you want these things and responsive government, elect me to work on your behalf.

We'll make Berkeley a shining beacon of hope for a better future everywhere! 510-485-6044

Some Signs I Posted

Sign Droste
At the September 5th Claremont Elmwood Neighborhood Association Candidates meeting, I pointed out that Lori Droste had taken money from the Berkeley Police Association.

I added that I consider it unethical for a City Council member to take money from anyone whose contract they negotiate.

Lori Droste then lied to the audience, saying that I was wrong about her taking money from BPA.

Her campaign finance reports filed with the City of Berkeley clearly showed that she took the money.

So I looked up the exact date and amount, and when I got the microphone back, I told the audience that she had taken $250 from BPA on October 27, 2014.

It concerned me that Ms. Droste lied to the audience about taking campaign money from the police, and I felt that if she was lying to people at the CENA meeting about it, she might also be lying to other people in other settings.

So I decided to put up the signs shown above to get the message out. The searches suggested at the bottom of the sign bring up these links:

Man who stayed free while rape kit went untested is accused of 2015 murder

Bay Area leaders outraged at Berkeley police lapse on rape kit

Sometime after I posted these signs, Lori Droste got caught breaking Berkeley's anti-corruption law by accepting an illegal campaign contribution from a major real estate company that stands to profit from her actions on the City Council.

"2.12.440 Contributions from certain organizations and business entities prohibited. No proprietorship, firm, partnership, joint venture, syndicate, business trust, company, corporation, including non-profit corporations, or labor union shall make a contribution to any candidate or committee (supporting or opposing any candidate) directly or indirectly, and no campaign treasurer (of any such committee) shall solicit or accept such contribution. (Ord. 6096-NS § 1, 1991: Ord. 4701-NS § 1 (part), 1974: Ord. 4700-NS § 605, 1974)"

As of November 3rd, disciplinary action against her by the Fair Campaign Practices Commission is pending.

Free speech
Approximately 40 of my legally-placed signs were immediatly torn down.

When contacted by the Daily Cal newspaper, Ms. Droste defended the theft of my campaign signs.

Her defense of this criminal activity was a violation of the California Code of Fair Campaign Practices as I understand it, since it requires candidates to denounce such illegal and unethical actions against another candidate.

So I posted these signs. They were also torn down.

Sign Droste Wire
I also posted these signs that explain themselves.

They have also been torn down.

Sign Droste Letter
Lori Droste filed a baseless and irresponsible complaint against me with the California Fair Political Practies Commission. She falsely claimed that I had not properly identified who paid for the signs.

I was completely exonerated a few days later, and I made this sign from the letter that cleared me.

But I decided not to post it, because it likely would have been torn down, too.

Ms. Droste also accused me of running a "smear campaign" against her.

But a smear campaign involves false statements and everything I said was true.

I was simply imforming voters of her actions, which is a legitimate part of the campaign process.

Some Articles I Have Written

Building interior
A fast and affordable way to shelter Berkeley’s homeless (We can economically provide shelter for every homeless person in Berkeley)

Transit-Oriented Development Can't Reduce Berkeley's Carbon Footprint - But Door-to-Door Transit Can (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle for door-to-door transit)

Here We Go! Early Voting Starts October 8th (Staff and Council failure - Stop sign in wrong location and STOP street marking paved over where child was killed in crosswalk)

Police money
Candidates' Night in Berkeley's District 8 (Lori Droste trying to deny she took this money from the Berkeley police union)

Police pistol
Police accountability is needed for the people of Berkeley (Berkeley public safety employees commit crimes too)

Surrounded house
No Science but Plenty of Money Behind Greenwashed SB 827 (SB 827 encouraged massive building at the fence line of single family homes in Berkeley)

Security cameras can raise safety, but privacy must be protected (Big Brother is watching)

Sb 827 Is Wrong... So What Is Right? (Adding housing while preserving the character of the neighborhood)

A Biased Report on SB 827 (Paid for by wealthy investors and written by the kind of people who designed this)

Greenwashing in Berkeley--again (Damaged pavement caused by unneeded, dangerous and badly planned bus stop relocation - Lori Droste refused to help)

AC Transit + Berkeley Transportation Division = RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! (Sharp wire sticking out into the pedestrian path at a child's eye level - City of Berkeley public safety employee got very angry at me for reporting it)